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The Workshops

Dr. Koger is masterful and sensitive as a workshop presenter. Each person is fully considered and given a chance to have their issues dealt with in a respectful private manner.

Each subject is covered in a new and refreshing way with the depth of Dr. Koger’s understanding of the impact of traumas and beliefs. She will teach a combination of release techniques and re-patterning techniques for changing our dysfunctional parts to resolutions.

With your full participation you can deeply enhance the quality of your life and relationships.

Manifesting Love or your Soul Mate - Workshop
At the end of our life they only real measure of us will be the amount of love we have given and received.

As I review my life and my quest in life, it has all been about finding and giving love. If we knew how to recognize and follow our inner guidance some of the traumas in our lives could have been eliminated. In this workshop we will experience ways to connect with our inner guidance. Dr. Koger will guide you through techniques to release destructive patterns that can make your journey easier and more joyful. Each participant, if they choose, will be given the opportunity to be tested and find what issues are keeping love out of their life. This workshop is for those of you who would like to find love in your life and aren’t in touch with how to allow it.

You may be wondering why the same type people ore person keeps showing up and treating you in a similar bad way. Many people say to me, “I would have done my life differently but I did not know how to do it differently”. The same was true for me. After Dr. Spock’s book on caring for infants, there was no manual about what to do to make the rest of life work. In the workshop Dr. Koger will provide information about and guide you through techniques which allow you to heal old or current wounds/traumas. The goal of the workshop is to get you to the place where you know “I am me, I am Love and I am Gods’ perfect expression”. From this space creating and manifesting are easily accomplished with the techniques taught by Dr Koger in the workshop.

Chakra Blockages Workshop
Health - how do we maintain it or improve it? Our best chance for being healthy vibrant and beautiful is staying in balance with good energy flow. By finding and addressing energy blockages and imbalances before they are late-stage illnesses we are able to achieve maximum energy and good health. The potential for disease is in us at all times. It’s what we do that keeps the immune system and other body regulatory systems able to handle disease. This is an experimental workshop where you will be given the chance to find out if you have any Chakras which are blocked or out of balance. Techniques will be taught to determine which Chakras are blocked and what to do about the blockage.

There are many techniques for balancing the Chakras. Based on the groups dynamics the most appropriate techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Dr. Koger will walk the group through ways to discover and resolves the underlying causes of Chakra blockages. Primary focus will be given to the Psychosomatic Energetics Technique (link). Each group member will be tested to determine if they have an out of balance or blocked Charka. Each person in the group will have an opportunity to do some work on the issue causing their blockage. This workshop is a great value. The cost for an individual session with Dr. Koger to identify your Chakra blocks using the Psychosomatic Energetics Technique process is $120.00 as compared to $75.00 for this two day class. This is a life changing class. Read what Student Hxxx had to say about Dr. Koger and the Workshop Testimonials.

We have seen many miracles with this process and the accompanying homeopathic remedies. Recently, a woman came in with a lifetime history of early morning headaches. Just three days after her session with Dr. Koger and starting the Psychosomatic Energetics homeopathic remedies the headaches stopped and have not come back.

Health Secrets for the Millennium
Dr. Koger has been collecting and studying healing techniques and alternative health modalities for most of her adult life. It has been her focus to seek out and learn the best most effect healing tools and arts. In this workshop, Dr. Koger will condense her lifetime of healing experience and combined learning from all the great teachers into forms which can be easily learned. The workshop will focus on a few of her favorite techniques which have been adapted to cover a wide range of health issues and narrowed down to a few extremely effective processes for bringing a more effective and rapid healing. It is the passion of Dr.Koger to bring this synthesis of methods and modalities to you and benefit as many people as possible. It is her desire to support those who want to develop healing skills and practices.

Many of the most effective techniques in the world come from a base of knowledge which has been in use since the earliest man. These tools have not been given the full appreciation and acknowledgement they deserve. We invite you to enrich your life and discover these powerful tools to heal and affect positive changes in yourself and others.

She would like to share with you the most incredible healing tools and arts in the world. I will give you sound theoretical bases for understanding and implementing these tools in your life. Dr. Koger’s goal for you and your family is supreme heal and vibrancy with complete freedom from the need for drugs and painful interventions.

In this workshop each participant will be able to experience the Total Body Scan. Dr Koger will explain this sophisticated technology and leave you with a thorough understand how it works. You will also be given a health assessment using neuro kinesiological testing. In addition there will also be an evaluation of the emotional and chakra issues for those who would like these assessments.

ESP Trauma Therapy
Emotional Spiritual Physical (ESP) Trauma Therapy was developed by Dr. Koger and is the culmination of 25 years of Training, Hard Work and Intuition. This workshop was developed primarily for Practitioners but has proven beneficial for knowledgeable individuals and Therapist. Please come prepared to clear your Emotional, Spiritual or Physical Traumas which are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

This workshop is recommended as a prerequisite to Dr. Koger’s Holistic Therapist Training. It is a well documented fact, unresolved traumas result in diseases. In this experiential workshop participants will experience Dr. Koger’s techniques and methods for identifying Emotional Spiritual and Physical Traumas. With the groups issues identified, Dr. Koger will prioritize the issues and demonstrate the therapies she would use to address the issues/traumas. Each participant who desires will have their core/primary issue identified and be given the opportunity to have this issue/trauma worked on. Sometimes the issues which come up in the group are very sensitive. Therefore, Dr. Koger asks each participant to commit to the anonymity of the group and keeping what happens at the group in the group. Dr. Koger realizes some people are private and do not want their issues out in the open. If it is your wish your issue will be kept private. The power of group intention is extremely powerful so Dr Koger ask that only participants willing to work and intent on healing sign up for this class. This will be an experience you will not forget.