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Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) represents a new approach to healing and illness. According to its inventor, Dr. Reimar Blanis (Germany), many chronic conditions are caused by energy blocks. Most important are inner blocks caused by hidden emotional conflicts. These conflicts block the flow of energy in the body. A blocked energy flow is often the main cause of disturbed metabolism in a segment or region of the body, which leads to many illnesses and complaints. Unlike psychotherapy, Dr. Blanis claims that it’s often not enough to bring these issues into consciousness, they need to be resolved in the body’s subtle energy field. In many cases, psychotherapy is not necessary because the psyche’s self-healing powers enable a person to harmonize and heal once the energy blocks have been treated.

Everyone knows such inner issues. They coalesce around the so-called Central Conflict, a constellation in the psyche that has an impact on both behavior and character patterns. This is the life theme, the basic core issue that allows us to grow and develop until we have the strength to overcome it – for instance, the notion that we have to be everyone’s darling even if it entails a lot of suffering on our part. Emotional conflicts interfere with the proper functioning of our autonomic nervous system. They obstruct energy flow, leading to an energy deficiency in the body’s cells and ultimately all kinds of symptoms and complaints.

With new homeopathic compound remedies, conflicts can be energetically deleted, usually permanently. Based on the treatment of well over 1,000 patients (in a 2000–03 study1*), these remedies have proven to be the strongest and most effective biological treatment so far in addressing unconscious mental conflicts. Good results have been achieved even in severe cases, such as chronic pain states. The special homeopathic preparations improve the action of all other therapies, and they have proven to be so good in many private practices that they have very quickly become indispensable standard medicines. The remedies are FDA sanctioned and obtainable exclusively through Terra Medica in the United States. PSE has a set of 40 different homeopathic remedies that address all conditions that can be detected with a special basic test kit. These remedies, manufactured in Switzerland to Swiss quality standards in accordance with GMP regulations, are distributed worldwide.