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What are Total Body Scans? They are new, safe, scientific biofeedback scanning systems being used in our clinic to measure the biological reactivity and resonance of the body. These computer software devises measure frequencies and micro-currents similar to those measure by an EKG. Abnormal frequencies indicate needs, dysfunctions, and weaknesses. They can scan over 8500 items in a test matrix. They communicate on the spiritual, emotional, mental, biochemical and physical levels. They can then automatically correct imbalances to promote healing naturopathically based on the laws of quantum physics and energetics. They can also provide effective long distance healing benefits. How is it performed? The Scans have several ways of connecting depending on the software. They all provide non-invasive contact with the computer system. The software program scans within minutes to report on the body’s frequencies and then balances the stressors.

The Scans can detect energetic aberrations to adjust and repair them automatically via homeopathic bio-resonance auto frequencies. It uses a 3-D interface for 3-D pictures, mathematical algorithms and 3-D electromagnetic waves.

What therapies does it perform? The Total Body Scan can also perform preset therapies such as allergy desensitizing, electro acupuncture, rife, bioresonance, scalar, color therapy, NLP, skin therapy, weight loss, cranial-sacral, spinal flow adjustment, electronic reflexology, and more. How is it used for long distance healing? For long distance healing, once a person’s resonant frequency blueprint is stored in the program, energetic frequencies may be sent according to quantum physics' principles. It is based on the fact that all matter vibrates at its own frequency and the body’s conscious and subconscious stored energy forces are assessed and transmitted via sub-space. With the permission of the receiver, an energy assessment may be measured and balancing frequencies restored and transmitted.

Direct contact can be obtained using the most advanced handset device developed to date. This can be plugged into your internet at your home or office. With this device you have immediate access to services that provide immediate relief and attention to you questions without waiting for cost lab test. It is not to take the place of you regular Doctor visits. I find, however, when we offer the right balancing treatments the body can often heal itself within hours of the scan.

What can the TBS test?
Allergens, EEG and ECG Meridians, Amino Acids, Brainwaves, Neurotransmitters, Muscles, Animal Diseases, Emotions, Organ Sarcodes, Aroma Therapy Oils, Fatty Acids, Parasites, Bacteria, Flower Essences, Psychic Energies, Blood Chemistry, Foods Poisons, Bones, Fungi, Spiritual Energies, Candida, Geopathics, Toxins, Chakras, Herbs, Urine Chemistry, Chromosomes, Homeopathics, Venoms, Dental Diseases and Products, Hormones, Viruses, Digestion, Ligaments, Vitamins, Drugs, Misaims, Worms