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In Office Consultations

The office atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. With the intake forms filled our, we begin a through examination. Depending on the reason for your visit as guide, we will select from a number of methods for assessing. We could use the pulse and tongue examination which gives us a good understanding of many factors based on Chinese Medicine principles.

1. We will do a chakra analysis to determine whether or not there are blocks or issues.

This is called Psychosomatic Energetics and will tell us what Homeopathy to use to heal the core issue. You will also be given your healing affirmation. This assessment can also be done during phone consultations with an intuitive analysis.

2. We can then do a Total Body Scan to gather information and balance other energy systems such as the acupuncture points, neurotransmitters, spine, organs and systems of the body.

3. For specific organ or emotional evaluation we can use one of several Body Scanning devices and assessment tools we agree on.

4. We could use Color Therapy Analysis using the color chart.
5. We will use NAET allergy elimination treatments or another of the special Neuromodulation Techniques.

6. We will end the session with the Trinfinity 8 Therapy combined with acupuncture if we choose.

Together it all works miracles.