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About Dr. Paula Koger

We are an organization designed to teach you what you need to know to take charge of your life. To activate the healing process in your body where needed and resolve the traumas/ energy blocks which are keeping you from the life you deserve.

Paula KogerDr. Koger is a published Author and has written numerous articles and featured editorials for Industry Magazines. Dr. Koger teamed with Inga-Vid Productions to produce educational and instructional videos on Lymes Disease and ADHD. She is a member of the Doctor’s Speakers Bureau, an organization dedicated to delivering educational workshops on health-related topics both in America and Internationally.

Dr. Koger’s patients will tell you she is passionate about her work and if you follow her advice/instructions the results will be life-changing. Koger studied in Europe where she was introduced to Energy Medicine and where she received her Master Degree in Counseling. When Paula was a school health educator for the government schools in Germany she participated in writing the Health Education Curriculum for the European Exchange System Schools. To her practice Koger brings the wisdom and patience of an educator. She also has a thorough understanding of needs and the origins of behaviors and traumas. As a result she is able to guide patients through the resolution of core blockage issues which is life freeing.

Medical Intuitive with
Scientific Medical Training and Technology


Dr. Paula Koger, Alternative Medicine

After working for more than two decades as a nurse, Paula Koger felt something was missing from the traditional field of medicine. So she set out to find it.
    Koger has studied all over the world.........
    Patients appreciate the amount of time Koger puts into their cases.........
    She is always just a phone call away.........
    Koger knows many people might find her techniques strange, but to her alternative medicine is the best way to address the root of a patient’s symptoms. She likes to call her practice “surgery for the soul”.
Featured in Industry Magazine August/September 2007

Dr. Kogers’ intuition has been backed up with continuous training as an R.N., Counselor, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

For as long as I can remember, I have been able to know what was going on with people emotionally and physically. I knew my Grandmother was hypertensive and having mini-strokes when I was a young girl. I kept telling my family and no one could hear me. The Doctors who were caring for her did not discover it until she had a massive stoke which partially paralyzed her and from which she could not recover.

My first experience with healing someone was at age 5. My grandfather, the families’ main bread winner, had a stroke. My desperate single mother asked me, the five year old, to do something. I intuitively knew he had had a stroke. I told him he had to recover so he could take care of us. I put my hands on him and prayed knowing he would be strong again. He got well, lived many years and died in his nineties.

I can often listen to someone’s voice and, with a little information, tell them what is happening and what is needed. A woman called me recently to say, “I was referred to you by a hospital employee who is your client. My daughter is in the hospital in a coma with M.S. What can you do for her?” I took a deep breath and told her. “I can help you heal your inner wounds and guide you through a process which will begin to heal your daughter.” She agreed to pay for a phone consultation which we did while she was sitting in the hospital parking lot. She reported she felt a big shift as a result of our work over the phone. I gave a follow up call a week later and she reported her and her daughter were both doing well. She said the daughter was out of the hospital and progressing in a rehab center. She also said, “That session with you was the turning point.”

Being fundamentally scientific in my orientation, I like to confirm my intuitive findings by using the Total Body Scans (TBS). The Total Body Scans are available in the clinic or in your home or office. To receive a TBS in your home or office you need one of our TBS Hand Sets and a computer with high speed internet access. TBS is a scientific computerized analysis and therapy software.