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Color Therapy /Emotional Transformation Therapy

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Emotional Transformation Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) is an accelerated form of psychotherapy that is both in-depth and brief. Research indicates that light stimulation changes brain chemistry through its effects on serotonin. Light therapy has been scientifically documented to rapidly improve mood states through its use in Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and is now scientifically shown to treat several other mood problems. ETT is an expansion of this concept through the precise use of certain wavelengths of light in conjunction with interactive psychotherapy and eye movement techniques. ETT can be applied to problems of the mind, body or spirit.

What Emotional Transformation Therapy does...

ETT often dramatically speeds up access to new insights through brain stimulation that exceeds typical talk therapy. ETT provides rapid change of emotional states far more consistently than talk therapy alone. However, the benefits of support, confrontation and understanding of interactive talk therapy can still be obtained because they are included in the process.

When the symptoms for which psychiatric medications are targeted become eliminated by ETT, the use of medication becomes unnecessary. It provokes awareness and learning that pills do not. Risky side-effects of drugs are not present with ETT. Best of all, it promotes self-sufficiency instead of long-term dependency and addictive effects of psychiatric medication.

ETT can be seen as a form of neurotherapy (EEG biofeedback) in which optimal brainwaves are obtained instantly. However, ETT can use verbal processing of emotional states during optimal brainwave activity for more rapid and precise outcomes.

Broad Range of Applications
ETT utilizes a dramatically expanded array of eye movement procedures that extend way beyond the EMDR technique and provides a broader range of applications when combined with precise light stimulation. It works with everything from trauma, physical pain, depression, learning disabilities and more!

ETT tends to unveil the root psychodynamic causes which are not sought in other rapid therapies like Thought Field Therapy and EFT. This can result in longer term resolutions.