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Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations with TBS Handset
If you have high speed internet access and a TBS Handset, Dr. Koger can run a remote scan on you to determine exactly what is needed to balance your systems.

I have a long standing patient who called after a diving trip to say her ears were blocked and infected. We did this scan which showed the need for specific remedies. I overnighted the remedies to her and she was completely relieved, without being subjected to a round of harmful antibiotics. The remedies I sent her are live cultures antibiotics from Germany which are very effective and do not harm the healthy bacteria in your system.

Another example of how effective the use of TBS Handset can be, is the Mother who calls every time her young child feels bad and doesn’t want to go to school. His mother owns a handset so we run a scan to determine what is needed. On several occasions just a balancing treatment with the hand set has resolved the issue and allowed the boy to attend school feeling great.

Phone Consultation with No Handset
The phone consultations are easily done with no scanning device.

A man called me for a phone session distressed because his wife left him abruptly while he was in Iraq. We used the on-line color therapy chart and he was able to release his pain and receive the assessment and remedies to heal his tendency to place himself in victimizing relationships.