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Voice Mapping

A Tool for Clearing Blocks to Progress


Clearing Emotional Roadblocks Using Voice Mapping/Repatterning
You’re most likely familiar with the cliché of having a “well-oiled machine.” However, the Voice Mapping technology Dr. Koger uses, ZYTO’s EVOX can help you strive for that cliché by allowing your body to enhance its performance. Knowing how your body harmonizes is a powerful tool in achieving your optimal health, and Dr Koger can facilitate that. This dynamic technique records short voiceprints, analyzes them, and converts the results into frequencies, which then play back to you as part of a multi-sensory experience with amazing results. Dr. Koger has found this process extremely beneficial in helping you let go of unwanted patterns.

We as human beings usually have knowledge of what is in our conscious mind. We don’t always have awareness of what may be cloaking our success or achievement of health, relationship, or career goals. Most of the material that controls or blocks the achievement is in the subconscious and comes from past stored information, experiences, traumas or generations. Many different amounts have been stated but there is over 90,000 times more influence from the unconscious than from the conscious mind. The information in the subconscious is usually inadvertently stored in the memory systems of the body.

This unknown information is largely what influences our choices and is influencing what we attract to us or block from us. By accessing and identifying these unknown unresolved patterns, programs, and blocks we can release and resolve them. One patient said after his first session, “This could change the world by getting all the hurts out”.

During my over 30 years in the health care field as a nurse counselor professor Director of Easter seal and student of Emotional Transformation Therapy Attractor Field Therapy Esogetic Color Therapy and all the tapping techniques and release techniques there are I have come to know this is the only one I have found to work and work splendidly. Such biofeedback technology was developed by NASA to help the astronaut achieve space readiness mentally and physically. This same technology is used today and allows us to record your voice, analysis it, and return the frequencies to your body through a hand held synthesizer which gives you the frequencies necessary to balance and release the blocks it has identified. It offers you insight and guidance to deal with any area of your life you wish to grow beyond. This includes improvement of you golf game, ability to allow money and other resources, or releasing the blocks to finding becoming and attracting a partner to love, enjoy and prosper with. Health improves are dramatic as each health problem has cellular memories and information that interferes with healing.

Once the issue is identified and a picture of the blockage is displayed on the screen showing your own unique pattern, the issue is cleared using music and the energy synthesizer. I also use biofeedback and color therapy and/or acupuncture if necessary.

It has not been necessary as a sciatic pain left after one voice mapping. It usually takes several sessions with acupuncture.

When a follow- up voice map is recorded, progress can be seen clearly on the new screen image.

One woman published a long unpublished book after voice mapping her blocks. A man was united with his brother after voice mapping their life time of strife together. Another one cleared suicidal ideas in one session. Everyone who has the sincere desire to clear and change in a positive way by releasing the unconscious blocks will be astonished at the insights gained. I was able to see a past life relationship as I cleared a very Karmic struggle with a family member.

Many of the success stories say they would not undertake anything big in their life without clearing all obstacles to its success which they are unknowingly holding in their unconscious. After all, what shows up on the outside is simply a mirror of what is inside of us. They say, “Practice makes perfect.’ It may take years longer than going directly to the cause of the imperfection. We can cleat it, move on, and make way for our success to come easily.


12-Zone Brain
Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts
Zone 1 Center Brain: Unacknowledged vs. Self-Validation
The perception of being unacknowledged or undervalued manifests in stuck patterns of denial, avoidance, and mistrust. There may be an avoidance of or an inability to recognize and accept unpleasant realities, especially for those that struggle with the perceptions of being undervalued. There may be an inability to trust and accept ones own evaluation. Insights and other intuitive abilities may be constrained.

12-Zone Brain
Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts
Zone 2 Right Brain – Repetitive vs. Creative thinking
Repetitive thoughts may occur if limitations are created to right brain access. The left “logical” brain can run in endless repeating circuits without the right “emotional” brain to filter out valueless thoughts. Your reception of new thoughts and creative solutions may be inhibited and artistic abilities and concrete thinking hampered. People notice that their brain is constantly running and chasing thoughts and they feel like they have no control over it.

12-Zone Brain
Head Region: Thinking /Thoughts
Zone 3 Left Brain: Depression vs. Inner Peace
A depressed individual’s thoughts tend to focus on past events with the intention of “sorting out” or “making sense” of them in order to “solve” problems or negative experiences or emotions. Such analysis may be conscious or subconscious, and may be manifested by dreaming symbolically about facing and/or overcoming challenges. Energy levels drop as energy is routed toward ineffective problem solving efforts and the pituitary gland may be affected. Physical and sexual appetite may be suppressed though the individual may turn to indulgence as one of a diminished number of remaining pleasures.

12-Zone Brain
Thorax Region: Emotion / Energetic
Zone 4: Throat: Emotionally Disconnected vs. Emotionally Integrated Emotional disconnection leaves an individual with only limited ability to experience and express a wide variety of emotions. The individual may or may not have opinions they wish to express. Alternately, they may be enamored with logical analysis, enjoy “clever” humor with little connection to joy or mirth, and converse in great detail about topics even well after the audience’s interest has waned.

12-Zone Brain
Thorax Region: Emotion / Energetic
Zone 5 Heart: Self Critical vs. Self Love
Self Criticism involves hardness of the heart and its accompanying decreased awareness of emotions. The individual turns these criteria inwardly and outwardly and experiences an inability to trust, feel loved, and to extend love and compassion to other.

12-Zone Brain
Thorax Region: Emotion / Energetic
Zone 6 Thymus: Conditional Love vs. Unconditional Love
Conditional Love toward others is caused by an immature emotional foundation which uses rewards and punishments in an attempt to communicate expectations designed to supply the individual’s emotional needs. Punishments are often passive-aggressive in nature such as the silent treatment and withering glances or disapproving comments. The individual usually feels justified in their judgments and often builds a convincing case that they are right and others are wrong.

12-Zone Brain
Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response
Zone 7 Solar Plexus: Anger vs. Acceptance of Change
Subconscious anger-related stress may be observed as a propensity toward anger from even the smallest inconveniences or violations of the individual’s expectations. Road rage is a common example. The individual may or may not recognize the anger as irrational, and may or may not strike out verbally or otherwise.

12-Zone Brain
Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response
Zone 8 Pancreas: Fearful and Overwhelmed vs. Accountability
When life’s demands feel overwhelming, one’s capacity for joy and pleasure may be inhibited. This may lead to overworking and taking life too seriously and logically in an effort to “get ahead” and break free from these stressful external situations. The individual may be impatient, have diminished sense of humor, and feel anger from others or from within. Fear frequently accompanies feelings of being overwhelmed.

12-Zone Brain
Solar Plexus Region: Feeling / Response
Zone 9 Liver: Suppressed Anger vs. Appropriate Self Expression
Fear of confrontation and unwillingness to express emotions may lead to rejection, ridicule, or other conflict that robs the individual of self protection. This vulnerability may lead to anger designed to empower self defense, though the anger may also be suppressed. These suppressions lead to frustration, geeral apprehension, anxiety, discouragement, manic depression, stubbornness, lack of self-approval, vulnerability, a sense of futility, a tendency to “fix” others and external situations in an effort to find satisfaction, and thoughts of suicide.

12-Zone Brain
Pelvic Region: Belief /Identity
Zone 10 Navel: Unworthy/Undeserving vs. Self-Accepting
The belief that an individual is undeserving of love may lead to the perception or reality that one’s love is rejected. The absence of self-love may also result in self-defeating behaviors which obstruct the ability to acquire physical comforts and achieve goals whose attainment would conflict with this subconscious belief of unworthiness.

12-Zone Brain
Pelvic Region: Belief /Identity
Zone 11 Root: Rigid Beliefs vs. Open to Possibilities
Rigid beliefs act as an attempt to make the world seem more solid and secure by solidifying opinions about which behaviors are acceptable and how things “should” be. Individuals who experience Zone 11 stress may be inflexible, uncooperative listeners who find disagreements uncomfortable or intolerable because they touch on subtle underlying insecurities. Those who exhibit extreme Zone 11 stress are likely to be:
    (1) perfectionists who require meticulous order for peace of mind,
    (2) high-strung overachievers whose enthusiasm can alienate others, or
    (3) highly dedicated to principles especially regarding justice and truth

12-Zone Brain
Pelvic Region: Belief /Identity
Zone 12 Crown: Conflicting Beliefs vs. Congruent Belief and Action
Conflicting beliefs and values refers to the disparity between an individual’s conscious belief/value and his or her actions. Conflicting beliefs may block an individual’s connection to inspiration and faith as well as limiting his or her sense of being present and grounded. The person may come across as spacey, contrary, or demanding. Blockages in any other zone may impede functionality in zone 12

Frequency Analysis and Therapy The evolution and Application of Voice Printing

Bio-Feedback and Acoustic Therapy–
Pioneers Pioneers in the Acoustic Bio-Feedback Development
Alfred Tomatis, an early genius pioneer in this field, began studied the effect of sounds on our state of mind. Playing the right frequencies seemed to energize the body. He also worked on providing missing frequencies; those the individual was not hearing. One of his major discoveries was if a frequency was un-recordable by the ear, then it was absent from the voice. He concluded that we can only sing or speak frequencies that we can hear. His developments pioneered the way for development of devices which are used for acoustic training. His basic approach has been developed into a system also available at Wealth of Health called Auditory Integration Training. This system is very effective and one of the most valuable tools for treating hearing loss and autism. He demonstrated during his experiments he could produce dramatic improved changes in the way an individual used his or her voice by “training” their ear with his invention he called the “electronic ear”. This was started in the late part of the 20th century, when sophisticated hi-fi equipment became available that was capable of making distinct and necessary discernments in sound. But while he was doing this, Tomatis noticed sensational personality changes were occuring right before his eyes. The effect of sounds was so fundamental that it impacted on their deepest psyche.

Robert Monroe, has been instrumental in helping others make huge transformations in consciousness, using sound technology called “Hemi-Sync®”. In its simplest terms, this is a method of using stereo headphones to play differing frequencies to opposite sides of the brain. This induces relaxed states of mental coherence, with beneficial results ranging from greater clarity and better sleep.

Sharry Edwards is perhaps another individual who has taken the power of recognizing and altering the voice in healing and transformation and she has developed systems for facilitating health change through providing missing frequencies and modulating the voice.

Calvin Young of Utah is a top aerospace engineer who used his NASA experience to develop the original multi-sensory software and the vocal 360 was the original creation.

The Evox designed by Calvin and amplified by Zyto is extremely effective and functional as it eliminates the vibrating chair and sends frequencies through the hand. I have both and find the handset more effective.

Vo-Cal 360 is the software program, written by former NASA researcher Calvin Young, The voice analysis technologies identify and decipher the voice frequencies into the voicemap making a voice print so it can be interpreted.

The software can also compare and calculate the percentage of programming passed down to you from your parents and grandparents. This software has been upgraded and modified by Zyto and can also be used remotely by plugging in your handset. 

There are 12 zones that the software calculates.

They form different percentages and intensities and combinations. For instance an example of a voice print from your Mother may show unworthiness, suppressed anger, being unacknowledged, self-criticism and depression and worry. Once these categories are identified they also reveal intensity from medium, high and to extreme.

So your Mom may have extreme unworthiness, extreme self-criticism, high suppressed anger, high acknowledgement and medium depression and worry. When you look at you own life you can now see where your judgment and anger you have toward yourself for not getting what you want in life came from. Your belief that other people are better than you keeps you angry and feeling unworthy and worried about how to get it to change. You probably also held judgment on your Mom when you were growing up for not understanding why she couldn’t believe in herself, and worried all the time and didn’t pick good choices for herself—-and now—–you are now experiencing the same feelings. And quite possibly your children are now saying the same thing about you.

Luckily the Genetic Voice Printing technology will facilitate you to remove those programs and beliefs.

Vo-Cal 360 software was the original voicemapping system invented by Calvin Young.

Genetic Voice Printing continues to augment and expand the original system.


It has been discovered that the negative beliefs, traumas and fears that your ancestors experienced have been passed down to YOU and stored in your DNA. These “programs” have been lodged in your subconscious mind and are actually broadcast by the frequencies in your voice.

Your voice carries identifiable frequencies that convey your emotional condition to anyone listening to you. The moment you hear someone’s voice you know immediately whether they are happy, tired, anxious or stressed. Genetic voice printing can now utilize that information to identify those emotional traumas genetically passed down to you in your DNA. These traumas show up in life as fears, negative thoughts and unwanted behaviors. Advancements bridging epigenetics (DNA) and brain studies substantiate how voice printing effectively releases negative programming. (unwanted negative behaviors and beliefs)

Your subconscious mind is like a computer’s hard drive. And just like the ard drive controls the “life” of the computer, your subconscious mind controls your life. – good and bad. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s studies the subconscious is 95% of our motivation.You can download tons of great software, but if the hard drive has a virus that’s affecting its performance, the new software will be defective or won’t run at all. This is why you can download a program called “Success” into your conscious mind and still not have success. Why? The virus in your subconscious corrupted the software and disabled it.

It’s why you can spend hours doing visualizations, meditations, and positive affirmations or use self-help books, seminars and DVDs to “call in” your soul mate but never end up in a satisfying relationship. The reason is that there is an ancestral virus/belief system in your subconscious that says, “I’m not worthy” or “I can’t get what I want”. This program prevents your desire from happening because your negative subconscious program is more powerful than your conscious desire.

It’s also why you stay fat, depressed, or angry. In fact, every negative pattern in your life can be traced to genetic traumas, hardships and unresolved conflicts that were parked in your DNA from your ancestors.


You already know what you need to be doing in your life. It is these negative beliefs that keep you from being able to do it. Once these identified programs are released, you set yourself free with our Genetic Voice Printing System.

The Evox voice mapping system is the most advanced technology available to identify and release these negative programs from your subconscious for long term results. We typically schedule an initial 10 Sessions which allow you to go deep into your subconscious to identify and release long-standing inherited programming.


  • Release Genetic patterning or the limitations in the DNA related to energetic emotional blocks.
  • Release the fear of other people and their opinions of you
  • Stop obsessive repetitive thinking – stop the mind chatter
  • Relieve depression
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Reease emotional trauma
  • Release destructive generational patterns
  • Allow you to make better decisions for your own well being
  • Improve relationships
  • Keep your commitments to yourself
  • Live as your authentic true self
  • Allow an amazing feeling of FREEDOM
  • Allow you to make better decisions for your own wellbeing
  • Release programs that keep you from succeeding
  • Improve Relationships
These uniquely customized 10 sessions are designed to create a noticeable transformation and profound positive change in your life immediately. This new clarity is apparent as soon as you finish the session.

It works best and most definitely to follow the family clearings which include clearing Mother Father, grandfathers, grandmothers, spouses, children and siblings.

It is also essential to clear all lovers and people who traumatized you.

After this, it is essential to clear the patterns that usually run in the generational pool in everyone.
These include:
  • Betrayal
  • Anger
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Fears
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Regrets
  • Blocks to reaching goals
  • Limitations about your abilities
There is also great value in voice mapping each issue you have and where it came from in the family tree. Because miasms are passed from generation to generation, it is very powerful to release the originating energy of the ancestor who started the pattern or event.

Before the sessions, we have a phone conversation to discuss your situation and interview one another to determine if this is a compatible process for you.

If we decide to proceed, you will fill out an intake form about your negative beliefs and obstacles, and will describe memories and observations about your parents and grandparents. This system works even if you were adopted and never knew your biological parents.

It is important while voice mapping that you allow yourself to feel and stay focused on the feeling you are trying to break out of all the repressed emotions that have created the problems and limitations because they block the flow of energy.

When you arrive, we go over your intake form and start with energy balancing software. The biofeedback devices makes it possible to scan the body for its most acute and chronic conditions both mental and physical. The buildup of negative beliefs and emotions over time eventually shows up as physical illness, but may be lodged in the emotional body. We can now correct these stressors with focused energetic therapy.

The main premise of all the biofeedback therapy is that the body is electrical in nature, that it is innately intelligent, and it has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided. This is accomplished with balancing energy frequency waves.

Now comes the printing of your voice. You are asked to talk into a microphone for about a minute to make a “conscious” print. You then sit with your hand on the handset, listen to music and focus on the issue, which takes you into your subconscious mind awareness.

After about 3 minutes, you come record again into the microphone again for 30 seconds and make your “subconscious” voice print. With each voce print the computer analyzes the frequencies and sends balancing frequencies in their place. You then record your family one at a time. First say your mother’s name and all the negative memories and positive memories you have around your mother. We repeat this process for your father and both sets of grandparents. This information is calculated by the software and shows you the degree of programming passed down to you by each ancestor. During this process all the programs show up on a graph. This becomes your map for what you will be releasing.

It is important to be rested, well hydrated and have good protein meal an hour or two before beginning.

The release of negative programs is a 3-part process: Feeling the emotions around the negative patterns; officially uninstalling and deleting the programs; Upgrading to the new chosen belief system and putting that in place.

Dr.Paula Koger is an expert therapist and facilitator and strives to create a comfortable and safe environment. She has been in the healthcare field for over 30 years.

The procedure is fully explained during the process and Dr. Paula monitors the client all along the way.

When the pattern is released a red release sign appears on the screen confirming your successful transformation. Not only do you feel better and different. You also have the confirmation of YOUR voice that registers the RELEASE.

Clients report an easier ability to make good choices in present time and things that would normally disturb them are quickly resolved.