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TBS Hand Set
With the TBS Hand Set which uses ZYTO Technology, office visits can be a thing of the past. Using the TBS Hand Set Dr. Koger will connect to you through the internet to determine healing priorities and out of balance systems or/and or organs.

We have been using this new technology in our Clinic for more than four months and have found it so effective we have asked to become Distributers of the Trinfinity8. By purchasing through our website you will still receive all the support and training offered by developer and producer of Trinfinity8; and you will also receive the support and mentorship of Dr. Koger.

Phone/ online consultation with Dr. Koger

Including TBS Hand Set Scan
The TBS Hand Set connected through high speed internet connections gives you virtual access to some of the most sophisticated biofeedback equipment available and located in Dr Koger’s office.


Dr. Paula and David Koger
Workshops available for your Church or other organization - call us at 941- 539 4232 or Email us at KogerAP@gmail.com

Manifesting Love or Your Soul Mate
This workshop takes about 2 and ½ hours to complete. We suggest you purchase Dr. Koger’s book, Manifesting Love or Your Soul Mate and read it prior to attending the workshop or scheduling a consultation pertaining to this topic.

Workshops - Minimum of 8 individuals. Cost per person is $75.00
Book: Manifesting Love or Your Soul Mate Bound Copy
Download a PDF copy of Book: Manifesting Love or Your Soul Mate

Discover the Core Cause of your Disease or Issue
This is an experiential workshop which will allow you to be tested by the latest scientific software, Total Body Scan. You’re emotional and chakra blocks issues will be identified and Dr. Koger will teach techniques to clear the issues and blocks. Workshop is 2 & ½ hours to 3 & ½ hours depending on number of participants.

Workshops - Minimum of 8 individuals. Cost per person is $75.00
Remote phone healing session
In office Therapy session

Health Secrets for the New Millennium
In this workshop Dr. Koger will demonstrate and you will get to experience the latest technological advances in Alternative Medicine. It is designed for individuals seeking the ultimate in Health Assurance and Practitioners. This workshop covers so much material it requires two classes approximately 2 hours in length each and there needs to be at least a one day break between the classes.

Workshops - Minimum of 8 individuals. Cost per person is $150.00

ESP Trauma Therapy
Emotional Spiritual Physical (ESP) Trauma Therapy was developed by Dr. Koger and is the culmination of 25 years of Training, Hard Work and Intuition. This workshop was developed primarily for Practitioners but has proven beneficial for knowledgeable individuals and Therapist. Please come prepared to clear your Emotional, Spiritual or Physical Traumas which are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Workshops - Minimum of 6 individuals. Cost per person is $175.00
In office Therapy sessions ( Three (3) recommended)
Phone Consultation/ Remote healing session

Holistic Therapist Training
Dr. Koger is open to training groups or individual Therapist/Practitioners in the most effective techniques she has learned and developed during the past 25 years. Interested Groups or Individuals please email Dr. Koger at KogerAP@gmail.com