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Field Control Therapy


One of the things I have found over the past 20 years of detoxification of myself, family and patients is the detoxifications, although seemingly somewhat affective, have not produced the results I desired. For me they did not feel “right” and the process produced exaggerated symptoms.

Most of the Therapies I have been drawn to involve the clearing of the energy field. I see they all work together wonderfully with each having their part to play in the orchestration of the restoration of the bodies as a healthy dynamic vibrant field of energy with limitless possibilities.

The thing that was missing is a systematic reliable approach to releasing the toxins which along with the traumas and issues are the cause of all diseases. When we introduce any kind of energy changes into the body we have the potential to release the toxins which the individual organs may or may not have the strength to release completely as all the organs work together as I learned in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Training.

From the Moment one of his patients called and told me about FCT I knew it was the missing link in my practice. The patient had gone from near death to wellness.

Field Control Therapy was founded by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., in New York, USA, and was first presented as a curriculum for medical doctors and healthcare professionals in 1999. Savely Yurkovsky registered the name Field Control Therapy as a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2000. [1]

The eponymous word "Field" refers to "cellular fields", i.e., the quantum energy fields emitted by the nucleus of each human cell, according to the research of scientists such as William A. Tiller, Ph.D.

The eponymous word "Control" refers to the key role these fields are considered, by Dr. Yurkovsky, Dr. Tiller and others, to have in governing cellular functions, as the pre-eminent controlling force in human physiology - above that of biochemical activity, which is considered to be subordinate in the hierarchy of control. The word "Control" may also be potentially considered to have a secondary meaning - referring to the medical strategy of seeking to influence the health of the human body by means of precisely controlling and/or directing the nature and activity of these cellular quantum energy fields.

The Field Control Therapy system was presented at the annual BTR (Bio-Terrorism) 2005 conference, "Unified Science & Technology for Reducing Biological Threats & Countering Terrorism," affiliated with the Homeland Security Office, USA, as the Field Control Therapy model proposes a means of treating the health effects of biological warfare.

Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., has also lectured at the annual symposia of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The National Environmental Foundation and The American College for Advancement in Medicine, and has published various articles in journals of integrative medicine.

Basis and principles
Field Control Therapy is based on the idea that medicine can be more effectively and more safely practiced if subjected to a thorough re-evaluation of the underlying principles on which the medical approach or paradigm bases itself (the new field of Paradigm Analysis).

The approach states that the emphasis should not be placed primarily on gathering as much specific data as possible in areas of specialized research which may prove to be relatively irrelevant to the larger picture, but rather that it is more productive to direct research to areas of high meaning to the overall system under study; in this case, the human body and maintenance or restoration of its health.

Otherwise, the resulting problem as defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., is the syndrome of over-specialization.

Based on this primary principle, Field Control Therapy has initiated an exploration of how various sciences, both medical and non-medical, may impact upon our understanding of the human body in health and disease in ways not generally considered before - either in their own right, and/or as part of the same overall model.

In particular, besides the established medical sciences, also (previously) non-medical sciences are viewed in Field Control Therapy as being important in medicine, and it is suggested they be applied to medical fields for the ongoing progress and development of medical practice, knowledge and understanding. This includes, but is not limited to, the following subject areas, which through the Field Control Therapy system Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., has applied to modern medical practice:

Systems theory
In particular, the theory of complex systems applied to the human body, based on the definition of the human body as a complex system. As, in Dr Yurkovsky's words, living systems universally exhibit the properties of being complex, non-linear, dynamic, open, individual and diverse, this leads to various medical conclusions, regarding for example (i) the need for individualized medical diagnosis and treatment, (ii) the need for a holistic approach to medicine, as well as one of scientific reductionism at the same time, so as to consider also the whole system as well as inter-system relations rather than only each system's separate components in greater isolation, (iii) the extent to which the human body is intrinsically open both to beneficial and pernicious factors (hence see toxicology below), and (iv) the unpredictability of net effects, and hence inappropriateness, of interfering with this complex system via simplistic linear medical models leading to the insertion of substances (such as pharmaceutical or other medications) for purported linear benefits to the system.

Quantum physics
And in particular, the field of biophysics, in which a century or more of scientific discovery in the field of physics is being applied to biology, based on the fact - emphasized by Dr Yurkovsky - that physics is the pre-eminent science in the hierarchy of all sciences as it pertains to the physical forces present everywhere: consequently, it is a discipline which is applicable everywhere, including in the human body. In the Field Control Therapy approach, it is considered that this has various implications for medicine, including the idea borrowed from atomic physics that all matter is fundamentally made up of energy or 'information fields,' i.e. quanta (packets of energy) arranged in harmonic informational patterns of coherence in the nucleus of each atom (according to quantum physics). This might also be potentially expressed using other not unrelated concepts, in some of the more novel branches of modern physics research, such as the vibrational strands of energy termed super-strings (according to super-string theory) or the so-called 'Wave Structure of Matter' (according to the WSM model). Thus in various ways, this represents the modern face of physics research since at least the time of Albert Einstein, yet modern medicine has not so far sought to apply this to much of its practice. It has led to modern equipment advancements such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and others, but has so far had very little if any impact on the medical paradigm overall and its primary therapeutic strategies. Consequently, Field Control Therapy seeks to develop and apply diagnostic and therapeutic medical strategies based primarily on interaction with cellular energy fields in human cells, rather than based primarily on biochemical activity in human cells.

Decision Science
Applied as a scientific method of determining a rational hierarchy of values (based on a prioritization analysis using systems science) on which to base the daily clinical decision-making process which makes up medicine. Healthcare practitioners are faced with patients and must make decisions all of the time, and this process is often complex due to the complexity of human beings as living systems. In spite of this, the decision-making process has not before been properly submitted to the scientific method using Decision Science. Without this, doctors will naturally be prone to frequent error due to faulty decision-making, leading to the inadvertent harm of patients (autogenesis).

In addition to the above, Field Control Therapy also seeks to draw from medical fields some of which it considers to have been largely neglected in most forms of mainstream medicine, including:

And in particular, immunotoxicology. This is not a scientific field emphasized in most medical curricula, and therefore is a specialized area of research outside the general knowledge base of a conventional physician unless a special study of toxicology has been undertaken. As such, Field Control Therapy seeks to reverse this trend by placing a far greater emphasis on this science than has been placed before in most forms of either conventional or alternative medicine. As systems theory states that the human body is intrinsically open, and therefore vulnerable to the effects of toxins, and as there are many toxins to which people are exposed through many sources, a thorough study and understanding of the interface between toxicology, systems theory and health effects is recommended in Field Control Therapy.

Naturopathic Medicine
A traditional field of natural integrative medicine which advocates the view that the biological "terrain" is generally more important than the infections which attack the body, because infections will tend to take hold more when biological functionality (particularly the immune, endocrine and excretory systems) is compromised in the first place. This is sometimes referred to in Field Control Therapy as the Terrain Theory of Disease. Since this biological terrain is often subjected to harm through the effects of toxicity from various sources, this is why Field Control Therapy advocates a deep understanding of the field of toxicology.

Homeopathic Medicine
A field of alternative medicine which Field Control Therapy also takes an interest in and partly draws from (primarily the interrelated branches of Homeopathic Medicine called causative homeopathy and isopathy, as well as areas of classical homeopathy for some clinical contexts), because homeopathic medicines, according to research by Jacques Benveniste and others, base their action not on any biochemical properties or effects of the medicines, but on the energetic/electromagnetic properties and effects of homeopathic medicines on the one hand and, correspondingly, of human cells on the other.

The Field Control Therapy approach
Based on the above medical and non-medical fields, and others, Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., has formulated a new medical model which forms the foundation of Field Control Therapy. This model is based on the cellular energy domains which, as defined by researchers such as William A. Tiller, Ph.D., play a governing role in biological functioning.

As such, Field Control Therapy seeks to remove or reduce pernicious toxicological, biological and electromagnetic influences on the health, such as sources of key toxins like mercury and lead, and sources of what is referred to in Field Control Therapy as electromagnetic "cellular noise," such as from mobile (cell) phones or fluorescent lighting.

Likewise, it seeks to base its medical strategies on diagnosing and treating health problems not primarily via the intrinsically limited nature of biochemical, structural or mechanical means, but instead as much as possible via deeper informational or energetic means (i.e., such as at the level of quantum energy domains and information fields).

Consequently, Field Control Therapy bases its diagnostic and therapeutic approaches on a new medical model derived partly from other related diagnostic fields such as Bioresonance Testing and Applied Kinesiology, and derived partly from other related therapeutic fields such asIsopathic Medicine, Classical Homeopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine, but with many notable differences to these fields since these fields have not generally taken into account all of the various above-mentioned (and other) medical and non-medical sciences which are central to the Field Control Therapy system.

Main theories of Field Control Therapy
In Field Control Therapy, Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., has further clearly defined the following six key theories (each derived, in turn, from the various fields listed earlier in this article), as the proposed principles of medicine which, among others, it seeks to research and apply. These have been summarized and named by FCT teachers Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., Simon Rees, N.D., and Kevin Eakins, N.D., as follows:

Theory of Field Control
This concept and theory were defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., drawing from the field of quantum physics. This is the theory that the core field layers of the fabric of human physiology, referred to as information fields or quantum cellular energy fields, are the ones which control bodily functioning at all levels - and that, correspondingly, the most scientific and effective form of medicine needs to direct its attention primarily to this level of physiology both diagnostically and therapeutically (hence the rise of information medicine).

According to an analogy proposed by FCT teacher Simon Rees, N.D., this could be likened to the way that an army of 'brute force' foot-soldiers (physical means available to follow instructions - like the body's chemicals and structures) is under the 'informational' direction or control of the army's leader or general. The general in a war may be less obvious than the army visually, because the bulk of the army is easy to spot, whereas the general is sitting in an office somewhere behind the lines, with a role which is informational and communication-based, rather than one which involves actually picking up a rifle. Even molecules such as those of DNA, widely misconceived to be the primary controllers in cells, are themselves also soldiers in this model (albeit of higher rank), not generals. Generals are not present as chemical molecules at all, because of the simple fact that the function - being communicative - is of a different nature altogether, and one which is measured not in rifles or bullets but in radio messages. On a cellular level, this represents the information fields which control and activate both DNA and all other cellular processes and inter-cell activity and relations. This core finding of modern physics has been largely and mistakenly overlooked in modern medicine due to the syndrome of over-specialization.

Theory of Living Systems Medicine
This concept was defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., drawing from the field of systems theory, and was subsequently named as Living Systems Medicine by Simon Rees, N.D., and Kevin Eakins, N.D. This is the theory that since human beings, as living systems, possess certain key properties universal to living systems - such as being open, complex, dynamic, diverse and individual - then medical practice needs to be designed in line with these properties, so that it is well-adapted to the object of concern, and not a square pin which we are trying to fit into a round hole. This simple basis is considered to hold wide implications for practically all areas of the application of modern medical practice, and to be the primary foundation of Field Control Therapy as a system of medicine. These and other key properties of living systems have also been taken by FCT teachers Kevin Eakins, N.D. and Simon Rees, N.D. as the basis for their definition of the Eight Guiding Principles or Tenets of Field Control Therapy and medicine in general, the first and most important of which is the primary systems principle of medical perspective.

Theory of Key Toxins
This concept and theory were defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., drawing from the field of toxicology.

This is the theory that a very important medical objective is to pay special attention to identifying and removing sources and/or tissue accumulations of those bio-toxins which have been catalogued in the field of toxicology as being the most pernicious to human cells. "Key toxins" include, for example, radiation poisoning, mercury poisoning and lead poisoning. Of particular significance are any of these not only if in sudden acute exposures (which may in some circumstances be more obviously detected) but, also, if in long-term patterns of small but continuous exposures (which may be less obviously detected at times, as a form of "stealth" poisoning), such as for example in the syndrome known as micro-mercurialism. The key distinction in clinical practice is made not so much between acute versus chronic exposures, but more importantly between key toxins in either acute or chronic exposures versus toxins which are less poisonous overall. For more on this, seeTheory of Key Toxins.

Theory of Toxicity-based Degenerative Disease
This concept was defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., and subsequently named in this way by Simon Rees, N.D.

This is the theory that it is the bioaccumulation of key toxins in human tissues which is primarily responsible for the aetiology of most if not all modern diseases. For more on this, see Theory of Toxicity-based Degenerative Disease.

Theory of Non-disease Treatment of Diseases
This concept and theory were defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D.

This is the theory that, in circumstances where groups or populations have been exposed to one or a selection of the same key toxins, then, if both the pernicious agents and the tissues affected by them are identified, this in itself defines the true disease in most cases, in essence. Furthermore, as a result of the industrialization and hence extensive pollution of modern society with key toxins, one application of this theory proposes that it follows logically that the thousands of named diseases are largely not, in fact, separate entities, but rather are in most cases - like many branches leading out from a single tree-trunk - caused by the same relatively small sub-set of key pernicious agents and that what marks these many different diseases apart from each other is mostly not different causes, but more often simply a difference in the location(s) (bodily compartments) in which the key pernicious agent(s) have accumulated and caused harm in each individual.

As a part of this theory and medical approach, a keen interest is also taken in determining which bodily compartments (organs and tissues) are the weakest in each individual case, and in the various factors (genetic, constitutional, acquired) which have weakened these areas, making them more prone to show the effects of key toxins sooner than other areas. According to one analogy which has been proposed by FCT teacher Simon Rees, N.D., this occurs in the same way as a man falling into an ocean doesn't get equally wet all over instantly, but at first wetter in some parts more than in others depending on the falling position undertaken; however, the analogy then suggests that the true disease should not be defined according to his falling position (as it is currently defined in modern conventional medicine), but according to the wider picture in which the more important observation concerns the fact that regardless of his falling position the basic problem is that he is falling into the ocean. This represents a radical and thought-provoking new perspective on the true causes of, and potential treatments for, the broad range of illnesses afflicting civilization today. For more on this, see Theory of Non-disease Treatment of Diseases.

Theory of Organ Protection
This concept was defined by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., and subsequently named in this way by Simon Rees, N.D.

This is the theory that in medicine, especially in any medical treatment involving detoxification of heavy metals, it is imperative to protect an individually determined selection of key weakened organs and tissues precisely, specifically, sequentially, and at the level of each organ's deepest cellular energy domains, to avoid problems caused by the syndrome which is in Field Control Therapy sometimes referred to as the Redistribution. For more on this, see Theory of Organ Protection.

[1] Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare – Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine, by Savely Yurkovsky, 2003, ISBN-10 0972634606, ISBN-13 978-0972634601.

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