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About Brain Training/Clear Mind Technology


Alzheimer’s • Autism • ADD Hyperactivity • Depression
Memory • Migraines • Mood Swings • Strokes

There are many new advances in the rectification of improper transfer of information across the pathways and through the tissues that regulate brain functioning and affect mood, behavior and cognitive functioning.

These technological advances are available and have shown up to 80% improvement in most cases, more in many cases.

I have been able to help myself dramatically and help thousands of people improve the quality of their lives and the wellness of their mind and body.

In recent months the work of my lifetime has culminated in discovery of the most effective powerful useful techniques and devices for bringing abut the maximum amount of improvement in each person. These techniques have to be merged together to fully address what caused the blocks that led to brain/body dysfunction.

The initial assessment is to determine what is underlying the imbalance and identify the causative blocks to optimal functioning.

Nutrition - Minerals, oils, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes must be sufficient to support Detox. For this we use computerized assessments to determine needs.

Neurotoxin Measurement - Each person must be evaluated individually using the Acuity Contrast Test to determine neural toxicity levels in the brain.

Clear Mind Technology - Stimulates Neural pathways to release toxins and restore pathways. Our multi-sensory technology is a ground-breaking approach in brainwave neurotherapy. The Clear Mind system has a unique photic technology that informs the brain of the frequency it needs to learn and guides the brain into producing new efficient brainwave states through EEG driven auditory and visual feedback. Our state-of-the-art system combines these technologies to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful long-lasting results.

Individualized Organ Strength and Toxicity

Introspect Computer Software allows us to evaluate energy levels of the Organs and systems.

ETT Assessment - An assessment is done using colored light to test the visual responses and identify core issues found to interfere with progress. The issues are released from the memory cells of the brain by stimulating the eyes with different colors.

Digital Auditory Aerobics - provides the brain with sound stimulation that reeducates the brain and promotes the development of compensatory muscles and pathways for learning and hearing.

The results are:
  • Improved attention to auditory stimuli and comprehension
  • Improved memory for routine information
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Improved social behavior, interaction, and eye contact
  • Improved awareness of the environment
  • Increased communication; less echolalia and longer sentence structures
  • Decreased sensitivity to sounds
  • Decreased perseveration behaviors, impulsivity, and distractibility
  • Decreased irritability, yelling and tantrums, decreased lethargy and sitting around.
Several research projects have consistently shown up to 79% improvement. The improvement is unmistakable in most cases. Various tests may be given pre and post such as Sensory Integration Checklist. Test may be done before starting and followed by 1 month, 3months, and 6 months testing as this is when maximum benefit is reached.

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