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Cosmetic/Restorative/Pain Relief Injection Therapy

We use small needles to inject miniature amounts of homeopathic remedies into acupuncture and trigger points just below the skin (Meson) into the matrix of the cells where oral homeopathy has difficulty reaching. This powerful treatment is similar to and based on the principles practiced in Mesotherapy found in Europe. Until recently this amazing treatment was unavailable in the U.S. Injectable homeopathy stimulates your body’s own healing mechanism by getting into the matrix. This speeds up the process of injury recovery and natural rejuvenation/repair.

Homeopathy also allows the practitioner to melt fat, shape tissues and eliminate cellulite, relieve pain and infection; all with SAFE homeopathic remedies.

The greatest aspect of injection therapy is that there are no side effects or down-time from surgery and no recovery time necessary. Most patients experience noticeable changes within the first visit, but 6 to 10 visits may be necessary to achieve the complete desired result. “Booster” shots may be necessary at 6 month intervals.

Most Effective For:
Body Shaping
Weight Loss
Wrinkle Reduction
Non-Surgical Face Life
Improving Muscle Tone
Enhancing Sluggish Metabolisms
Improving Fat Elimination
Reducing the Inflammatory Response
Targeted Nutritional Supplementation
Hair Re-growth
Relief of Skin Disorders
Infection Abatement
Pain Elimination
Benefits Of Homeopathy:
No Surgery
No Downtime
Successfully Targets Cellulite
Targets and Dissolves Fat
Improves Local Blood Flow
Improves Drainage
Rejuvenates Skin
Quickly Relieves Pain
Natural Homeopathic Remedies
No Side-effects
Multiple remedies/areas can be affected at once