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Herbs - Organic

apothecaryCareful research and constant evaluation have allowed for the accumulation of the worlds’ most effective healing tools in our Apothecary. These are Herbs, Supplements, and Homeopathy from the best in the world. Dr. Koger has found there must be carefully matching of products to patients and to individual needs of the body.

The herbs we use are organically grown and harvested in the USA. We use only Monastery of Herbs products. They are wild crafted by the monks who give careful attention to the process of combining and creating formulas. These herbs are very effective because of their attention to the energetic properties of each plant.

We offer these tools for healing as part of our process of bringing you the optimal results.

We utilize the computer testing to match compatibility of these items with your body energy systems. This testing allows for insurance of results and improves outcomes.

We also use Muscle Response Testing to evaluate effectiveness and compatibility.