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The Stress of the Shift to the Right

Figure 1.10. Assemblage Point shift to the left.

This is the most commonly found misalignment, the symptoms of which are compulsive mental and physical activity illustrated by the following case studies. The medical diagnosis for those having their Assemblage Point in the above patient’s location is stress; excessive feelings of anxiety, panic or anger being indicators of this location. These are associated with high Beta brain-wave frequencies in the left brain. The Assemblage Point moves to the right side of the chest as shown in figure 1.8.

With paranoia the location and angle are to the right and down. In mania the location is high right and the angle is upwards. Manic depression and schizophrenia are associated with oscillations and splits in the Assemblage Point location. On the extreme right there are endless visions of physical activity, violence, killing and sensuality.

Intimidation, worry, overwork, insomnia, cocaine, L.S.D., amphetamines, antidepressants and excessive caffeine can drive the stationary Assemblage Point to the far right. In this position various physical symptoms medically connected with stress will appear. Energy demands are high and sleep will be problematic as High Beta frequency brain activity is present. The attention is external and the awareness of the physical body is attenuated. Locations further to the right cause psychotic behaviour which can include violence and sexual deviations. Left brain energy will be high, right brain low. From this position, drugs, illness or emotional trauma can cause complete exhaustion of the nervous system. The Assemblage Point then drops down towards the critical line as shown in figure 1.9. M.E. is a disease with this location, the Assemblage Point always entering the patient from a low angle up through the liver. Shifting the Assemblage Point to the centre will give immediate relief, regular shifting will recondition the nervous systems back to normal, thus reducing or removing the patient’s dependence on drugs.