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The Trap of the Shift to the Left

Figure 1.10. Assemblage Point shift to the left.

L.S.D. and other hallucinogenic drugs can cause a shift to the left (or in any direction). Pseudo religious cult brainwashing methods unconsciously shift the location to the left side (figure 1.10).Irrational preoccupation with daydreaming, fantasy, hallucinations and melancholia are the most common indicators for this location.

Locations on the extreme left side are associated with visions and experiences of spirituality, religion and God. If the location of the shift is minimal, the results are explained as fantasies of the mind. If the shift is considerable, the results are called hallucinations. Shifting the Assemblage Point to right of the centre will return behaviour to normal increasing left brain energy, Beta frequencies and rationality. Senile dementia, autism, Down’s Syndrome and coma are examples where the location will be around the area shown in figure 1.11. In the early stages of these diseases regular checks and correction of the Assemblage Point may slow the progress. Astute doctors and clinicians will in future reverse these diseases by combining Assemblage Point realignment with other therapies. For energy medicine treatment of senile dementia and autism see Chapter Seven