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The Dangers of The Shift Below

Figure 1.9. Assemblage Point shift below (right side).

This is a dangerous, uncomfortable and distressing location indicated by very low mental and physical energy with acute psychological instability and physiological disturbances. Frontal brain energy will be low impairing the functions of the endocrine glands and organs. From this location it is virtually impossible to recover without realignment of the Assemblage Point. As the Assemblage Point's rear location or pivot point drops down from the shoulder blade area, muscular coordination becomes affected.

With this location, serious psychiatric or physical illness will often be present such as auto immune disease syndrome (A.I.D.S.), cancer, meningitis, cerebral thrombosis, apoplexy, clinical depression, post natal depression, myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E. syndrome) and multiple sclerosis (M.S. syndrome). As the Assemblage Point moves towards the critical line, the symptoms worsen with Beta activity being mostly absent and distressing feelings and emotions prevalent. Sympathy, placation or chastisement do not help. Toxic material, heavy metals, chemotherapy drugs, poisoning, head injury, drugs, attempted suicide, solvent abuse, violent intimidation, physical shock, electric shock, long term exposure to strong electromagnetic and high voltage electrostatic fields, anoxia, infections and disease can drive the Assemblage Point to this location which cannot be corrected by anti depressants. Shifting the location up and over to the centre will immediately alleviate the symptoms. Vibrational levels will increase and more energy will be available even if physiological disease is present.