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Electronic Gem Stone Meridian, Chakra and Environment Energizing Lamps


The Stellar Delux is a Precision Electronic Instrumentation System for Gem Stone Frequency Modulated Low Voltage Lamps with a Wide Range of Applications for Professional Researchers working in the disciplines of:

Green - Filled with Emeralds and Blue Sapphires - Effective for reducing localized hyperthermia, hyper perfusion, hyper metabolism and vasodilatation having a sedative, analgesic, anti-spasmodic effect [Emerald - cold, unifying, contracting, antibiotic, analgesic, relaxant, anti-spasmodic &. Sapphire -cool, tranquillizing, soothing, analgesic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, anti-traumatic]

Violet - Filled with Blue Sapphires - Powerful sedative, analgesic, anti-spasmodic, (muscle and nerve relaxant) [Sapphire -cool, tranquillizing, soothing, analgesic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, anti-traumatic]

Orange - Filled with Diamonds and Carnelians - Effectively reduces vasoconstriction, hypo metabolism, increases circulation and biological energy, anti-coagulant. [Carnelian - cooling, moist, harmonizing, anti-allergenic & Diamond - stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant]

Red - Filled with Rubies and Diamonds - Rapidly reduces hypothermia, vasoconstriction, hypo metabolism, increasing local temperature, circulation and biological energy. [Ruby - heating, drying, energizing, expanding, increasing circulation & Diamond - stimulating, invigorating, clarifying, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant].

The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps can be used to change or modulate the environmental energy. By using mixtures of gems and selecting the desired frequency, many types of environmental moods and effects can be created. The Stellar Delux Gem Lamps have sufficient power to override any geological or environmental disturbances.

For example, to energize a room with stimulating energy to all persons present, the Stellar Delux should be set within Beta brain frequency range of alertness; diamonds with an indigo filter should be used.

To create a relaxing meditative environment, lamps containing blue sapphire and a violet filter can be used at Alpha frequencies. If the Theta frequency range is used, then the environment will be even calmer and more suitable for dreaming or right brain visualization. Diamonds can be added to the sapphire and this will create more clarity in the consciousness of those present.

Other useful examples are using the Theta and Delta range of frequencies to induce profound relaxation, sleep or dreaming. Including a small diamond in the mixture of sapphire will prevent deep sleep and the threshold of dreaming can be maintained. This is useful for lucid dreaming, rapid subliminal learning and self hypnosis

BELOW: Before and after images of a burn victim. Case study and image provided by Whale Medical. Patient reported that the burn had dried up completely by the following morning. The accelerated healing process can be seen in the lower photograph, which was taken 5 days later.